Saturday, 2 January 2010

Coloured Boxes

Was feeling a bit blah and too lazy today so instead of cracking on in the garden I did a bit of hacking. Ok, it's not much but I got a bit of code running on the beagle board that draws random coloured boxes to a framebuffer.

It's being loaded as a kernel image directly from u-boot of course, and then just `banging the hardware'.

I just snarfed the framebuffer init code from the splash screen from an old version of u-boot, with a few tweaks - remove the writes to read-only or unmapped registers and changed the screen size to 1024x768.

Hmm, not sure next. Maybe a serial driver. USB would be nice, but a bit much at this stage. Or the retaining wall!


Jason Kridner said...

This looks interesting to me. Are you sharing your code?

NotZed said...

Yeah i'll probably put it on google code or somewhere before long.

Right now it's a huge mess of #if 0's and commented crashes, incomplete makefiles, hardcoded paths and so on, so it isn't terribly fit for human consumption.