Wednesday, 6 January 2010

gloat 0.1

I'm sure i'll live to regret this (i can already hear the glee of some kid discovering a buffer over-flow - well, in the unlikely event anybody ever downloads it), but i've uploaded my news snarfer 'gloat' to Google Code.

gloat - it's a bit like brag ... err, geddit?

I'm going a bit loopy today. I was up till around 4am working on a 'matrix' clone (C64 - llamasoft), although now i've lost interest in it somewhat. And after a little mucking about in the garden have been solidly stuck behind my machine reading the net, manuals, and poking at bits of code all the way through till nearly 8pm - again. Well I had some lunch and coffee somewhere in all that.

Oh - it was too hot today to do much outside, but I suppose I should be using the weather to go to the beach or do some cycling or something I can't do all the rest of the year.

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