Sunday, 27 June 2010


Spent all afternoon in the garden, mowing the lawn and nature strip, sweeping up leaves, weeding, fertilising and watering all the pots, spraying some oil on the citrus. To finish the day off I made a nice variation of a Spanish Omelette for dinner, and it turned out ok even though I forgot a few ingredients.

Bacon, eggs, capsicum, a bunch of greenery from the garden (stinging nettles and sweet potato leaves), chillies, chives, pepper, fish sauce. Fried in a hot pan and then finished under the grill topped with cheese and spices. For something different I also put in a some limequat juice and chopped up rind (kumquat hybrid) which added a nice tang and some bitterness.

Ate the whole lot in one sitting! Well it was the only meal I had today.

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