Saturday, 17 July 2010


Well, now I know where KDE4 got its fucked up shithouse 'start menu' from. And the original from which is blatantly copied is also fucked up and shithouse.


How fucked up.

And shithouse.


Sankar said...

Seen gnome-shell ? I believe you could be even more annoyed. Last I checked, it insisted all workspaces should be in one row and can be navigated only horizontally (i use 3x3 setup). Also, it showed random animations for trivial activities like "Launching new application" etc. Let us know how you feel about that.

NotZed said...

Well that sounds shithouse and fucked up too :)

First thing I did on my new work box is install xfce, put the close button in the right place (top-left) and be done with it. Gotta respect a UNIX 'desktop' which still puts a terminal at the start of the main menu.