Monday, 13 September 2010

And then there was none

Should've been working today but I was feeling very agitated and couldn't concentrate ... I borrowed a ladder yesterday so I thought I'd just take a couple of sheets of plastic off of the verandah ...

Except once I got going I couldn't stop. Ladder was pretty shaky to start with - I first tried to go up to the highest spot but it was just too much and I had to come down again. For reference the sliding doors are about 2100mm or 7' tall. But by the end I was walking down forwards carrying a few tools at the same time.

Now just a few dyna-bolts to take out for the end plank and it's done. Guy's coming to do the final measure tomorrow so i'll see what he has to say about a few mistakes I might've made - like some of the retaining wall and if I have to take out the palm tree or the rear fence ...

Although now without a verandah I think it's about to rain - might wash away some of the dust anyway.

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