Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Just a simple little utility class i'm working on at the moment.

A basic file chooser with a greyscale video preview of selected-format video files. Seems like it could be nice to have; even if it is only black and white, mute and with (possibly) incorrect aspect ratio and frame-rate. I just hacked up the image-preview file requester I made for ImageZ and in-fact it took fewer lines of code.

I also had a go at supporting 32 bit systems with jjmpeg, although I haven't tested it at all yet. However I noticed that the .so file links with a huge pile of stuff from ffmpeg depending on the build options it was created with. So it probably will not be possible to make a generic package for it - fortunately the native library is only a single small c file so it probably doesn't need one. Assuming I don't go and dlopen the libraries manually at least ... which is always an option I suppose.

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