Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bullies, liars, and arseholes.

Hmm, so my sister in law just got sacked from one of her cleaning jobs. After quite a bit of bullying from a fellow employee and what can only be considered racism/discrimination from upper management (e.g. complaining about her diminutive stature in her first week) they finally found enough of an excuse to fire her. A sham 'explain yourself' meeting that went on for hours, followed by a letter saying that she simply lied about everything in the meeting (which is simply not true).

Filthy liars.

I know hardly anyone reads my blog and even fewer locally, but for those, perhaps complain about the lack of cleanliness next time you're in the central market, or maybe just spit on the floor!

I probably wont bother ever going back there myself - not that I was a regular customer anyway.

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Sankar said...

sorry to hear that. May be ask her to watch:


The above video helped me a lot when I had a moron as my manager.