Saturday, 6 August 2011

mediaz <-- ImageZ

I finally uploaded ImageZ to google code, under a new project mediaz. I'm pre-empting myself somewhat here, but i'm leaving room should I develop some other tools - e.g. if the VideoZ stuff ever goes anywhere.

I didn't get around to cleaning up everything I had intended to, so it's well short of being terribly useful, but that's the way it goes I guess. I didn't really want to spend my Saturday at the computer again, but there's not much else to do - everyone else is out and it's a crappy cold, windy and eventually wet day we're headed for.

Update: I had intended to catch up with a couple of mates for some beer and food this evening but I slept in and then it started pissing down with rain so I ended up stuck inside again (watching Port get totally arse-raped by Collingwood). Then I ended up playing with ImageZ a bit more and realised i'd sold it a bit short - there is quite a lot of functionality there after-all, even if some big and rather important parts are missing. I did a bit of hacking on it as well as some house-keeping on the google code page.

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