Thursday, 11 August 2011

Video/Audio Player

I just checked in a reasonably complete audio/video player example using jjmpeg.

It synchronises the video to the audio if it's there, allows one to seek and pause and so on. The pause function is a bit crap - it keeps running any queued up data from the decoder - but that's only a fraction of a second. It uses a JLabel for output via a BufferedImage, which works well enough if the machine is quick. There are some other problems, but it works reasonably well all things considered. It's using JOAL for audio output.

The code is part of the jjmpegdemos sub-project, and is in the au.notzed.jjmpeg.mediaplayer namespace.

This is the one I mentioned I was working on 2 months ago, and since it was reasonably complete (and I don't think i'll be working on it again for a little while) I thought it was about time I checked it in. I have a swathe of stuff for socles I should probably upload at some point too.

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