Friday, 28 October 2011

Fucked up Fridays

What is it about Fridays lately ...

Well the latest little thing to ruin my day has been the inability of Firefox 7 to function correctly with the primary selection. It seems to want to ignore middlemouse.contantLoadURL for some reason. Given that it's a recently new setting and fully documented I presume it's just a bug, but what a pain.

It's not something I use constantly but discovering it doesn't work is pretty annoying.

Update: So now it decides it's going to work. Well what can I say ... except maybe that I need to get AFK more often.

I'm totally sick of the upgrade treadmill and feel somewhat annoyed by being forced to install a newer version of Fedora just to get my graphics card working. I had everything working just nicely and was familiar enough with any of the the warts left to not notice them. And now I have to go through all that crap again. The thought that firefox will become 'versionless' horrifies me, as does the love-fest that is HTML5+JavaScript where I will no longer be able to ignore CO2 belching crap like I can now by just disabling flash.

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