Sunday, 12 February 2012

PDFZ stuff

Amongst other hacking, I poked around with PDFZ a bit today:
  • Tried to bind the outline interfaces, but either i made a big mistake or something odd is going on: the pointer I allocate in the creation function wont resolve when I go to use it (or, it resolves to NULL). Spent a long time going nowhere on that one.

  • Ported some of the ReaderZ code to swing and made a simple desktop PDF viewer. It renders on the fly as you pan around, and works quite well. I use another thread to load and render pages as in ReaderZ. I'm a bit dented that I couldn't get the outline stuff to work.

  • Played with an alternative page rendering method: rendering directly to the array of a BufferedImage using GetPrimitiveArrayCritical(). Can't tell the difference on the desktop but it might be useful on the kobo, and could use less memory anyway.

  • Noticed that mupdf is undergoing rapid development at the moment; i'm not trying to track it at all.

Update: I got in touch with the mupdf devs, and I found out the next release is targeted by the end of the month; this will be a good opportunity to sync up with the api whilst the project is still fresh in my mind.


A.A.A said...

I have been following your blog recently. Hats off, you are a true hacker.

NotZed said...

Cheers - I just find it the most compelling form of never-ending entertainment; and I can afford to spend huge amounts of time on it which is even better!

I don't do it for financial gain or fame or to land a job, I just do it for fun.