Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Web N Shit ... N Stuff.

Hmm, so i've been poking away at webifiying[sic] our client's application.

Overall i'm making pretty good progress: worked out the async ajax stuff / XMLHttpRequest, 'hidden' form submission, RESTful resource mapping, handling long-running tasks and so on. The Enterprise bean stuff is pretty good, and particularly things like JMS, all the bean types, jax-rs, and jaxb. The latter two helping to hide some of the horrible shit going on under the bonnet.

But I dunno ... it's just boring. I probably would've found this stuff neat 5 years ago, and had a puppy over it 15 years ago, but now it's still enough of a pain in the arse having to deal with that given a choice I wouldn't be doing it.

Probably help if i'd had more than 4 hours sleep each day this week ...

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