Friday, 15 November 2013

PicFX out

I did a bit of a clean, a README, some (not very good) tweaks to the layout files for a high dpi phone vs 7" tablet, and just checked in the code into:

I haven't cross-checked by building from a clean checkout from scratch so there could be some missing bits: i'll check when I can. I've also only built it on Fedora with some slightly older-than-current version(s) of the android ndk/sdk.

My previous post has some screenshots which are representative of the state of the code.

I did have grander plans but between my main work and it being a bit of a weird-arsed year and they didn't make it. However apart from some minor layout issues on small screens and the lack of capabilities, the basic operation and backend design i'm fairly pleased with for a couple of weeks work spread over 5 months.

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