Monday, 3 March 2014

ZCL == feature complete

I managed to completely fill out the OpenCL binding i've been playing with: wrote accessors for all the properties which made sense (only the refcount stuff omitted, CLDevice has a fuckload), cleaned up a few bits pieces, added lots of validity checks, fixed up some portability things, added some (incomplete) javadocs, license headers, a README, and a couple of incomplete hacked-up makefiles which build all 4 outputs (jar, javadoc, jni library, source distribution) in under 5 seconds.

Counting semi-colons it's about 1KLOC of Java and 1K3LOC of C; which seems quite reasonable for 100% api coverage, and KLOC was a big part of the experiment I was conducting. And even then about 400 of those Java lines are just a copy of the defines from cl.h. Kinda lost-track of how much time i've spent on it at this point - something like 4 not-quite-full days work.

But now i'm kinda bored with that toy.

Don't really feel like testing enough of it to get it to bee-ta state at this point. And that's the point I guess; there isn't a point to any of it. The end-goal wasn't the interesting bit.

Journey's over, what next?

But I spose ... i'll dump it somewhere when I feel like spitting out a home-page for it.

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