Wednesday, 28 May 2014

parallella ezesdk 0.1

As seems to be the habit lately I had a bunch of code sitting around on the hard drive for too long doing nothing so i packaged it up incase someone else finds it interesting. I should have some free time throughout June so doing this might also be a kick to restart development but I wouldn't be holding my breath on that one.

It's over on the ezesdk homepage I just whipped up.

It's all pretty much still subject to change but I think i've nailed down a pretty nice and compact core-side library api and the low-level host library as well. I had intended to include proper documentation and Java bindings by this point but ... well I didn't get to it.

Features of note is that it includes a functional printf, on-core barrier, async (interrupt-driven) dma routines, and 2d dma entry points; some of which has been discussed in more detail on a hacker's craic.

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