Monday, 14 July 2014

kettle + bucket

Hmm, no wonder my gas bill has always been high, and rising to stupid levels. Big gas leak :-/ Well plumber came, checked, turned it off. Given the volume of the leak i'm surprised I couldn't smell it more but it's underground in a steel pipe.

I've been thinking of getting solar hot water so maybe it's time to finally do that but I just don't want to have to sort anything out right now (i.e. my life; the story so far).

Perhaps cold showers will get me thinking faster. Although it's not bloody likely i'll have any of those; middle of winter and just washing your hands in cold water is ... well cold. Last time I had a hot-water problem was also in the middle of winter and it was an electric kettle and a bucket for a while (I was just about to sell the house and it needed a lot of renovation so getting it replaced wasn't worth it).

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