Sunday, 17 August 2014

Another rotation and scale invariant feature descriptor?

Just had an idea whilst waking up this morning so I punched out a quick couple hundred lines of code before lunch.

I guess it works?

This is just the first output, without any tuning or much mucking about.

It uses LOG to determine the scale-invariant feature locations and guassian edge detectors to determine the rotation invariance. A local binary pattern is used for the feature descriptor.

Not sure if someone else has taken the same approach (the scale/rotation variance is a standard technique), possibly worth writing this one up if not.

Worth a beer at any rate. Cheers big ears.


Unknown said...

It looks nice!
Could you show the code or something?

Could you link the blog to Google+?
It would be easier to communicate and follow.


NotZed said...

I'll post anything I do on this blog.