Friday, 13 March 2015

ahh shit, google code is being scrapped

Joy. I guess it's not making google enough money.

I'll make a copy of all my projects and then delete them. Probably sooner rather than later (probably immediately because i'd rather get it out of the way, i have a script going now). I'm keeping all the commit history for now although i never find it particularly useful. Links in old posts may break.

Some of them may or may not appear later somewhere else, or they may just sit on my hdd until i forget about them and delete them by accident or otherwise.

Wherever they end end up though it wont be in one of the other commercial services because i'm not interested in doing this again.

I need to do the same to this blog, ... but that can wait.

Update: So ... it seems someone did notice. Don't worry i've got a full backup of everything. In part I was pissed off with google and in part I wanted to make it immediately obvious it was going away to see if anyone actually noticed. Who could know from the years of feedback i've never received.

If you are interested in particular projects then add a comment about them anywhere on this blog. All comments are moderated so they wont appear till i let them through but there is no need to post more than once (i'll delete any nonsense or spam unless it makes you look like a bit of a wanker). I will see about enabling anonymous comments for the moment if they are not already on. I can then decide what to do depending on the interest.

I will not be using github or sourceforge nor the like.

In a follow-up post i'll see where i'm going with them as well as pondering the future location and shape of the blog itself. I've already written some stuff to take the blogger atom stuff, strip out the posts, download images, and fix the urls.

(in resp to Peter below) I knew the writing was on the wall when google code removed binary hosting: it's kinda useless for it's purpose without it. This is why all my new projects subsequent to that date are hosted differently.


Peter Runge said...

Same thing happened to me with the whole fiasco when they migrated their platform and lost a whole lot of stuff.

DVCS such as Mercurial or Git helps since you have the full repo on your machine (and can clone it to your own servers or other providers easily enough), but that doesn't help much with all the links scattered in blogs and other websites over the years that suddenly go away when this happens.

Affelon said...

Why are you deleting all your projects??? The mediaZ repository of full of small gems, I was looking forward to learn more about JavaFX and image processing when I have more time. Now it's gone :(

Can you at least upload an archive of the latest repository?

NotZed said...

Chillax guys, i've made a full backup including the history and they will appear somewhere later.

More above.

Sai Aparna Ramamoorthy said...

Would you please upload the code for KLT tracking using OpenCL somewhere? I am working on video tracking using OpenCL and any related code would be most helpful.

Mark Larsen said...

I am looking at Java / FFmpeg integration and also JavaFX media support. Would love to try out some of the examples you have worked on. Thanks.

NotZed said...

I still haven't decided how I'm going to do this so it might take a bit longer.

However, if you're working on free software projects then I can expedite anything that would aid those.

Overand said...

If - *if* - you want to deal with managing & hosting stuff yourself, GitLab is a great rails-based FOSS github-ish alternative. There are a ton of other options out there.

I'm curious what your requirements are. Github bothers me in that it's proprietary, but GIT is a distributed version control system; even if github closed down (not bloody likely, they sell their corp. version to too many businesses), you wouldn't really lose anything, becuase it's GIT- that's kinda the point of git. At my company, I have three places I host my code because different people like different interfaces; it's trivial to post it to all 3 locations automatically.

NotZed said...

Yeah i know there's plenty of options. Git is not one for me though: Not only is the name somewhat offensive, it's just not the right tool for the job. It's a patch management tool for large projects and forks and that's neither what i'm doing or a task I'm remotely interested in performing in my spare time.

Cheers for the comment anyway :)

As of now I still haven't found enough interest to care regardless but I guess i'll see what my summer holidays bring. There's even a small but growing doubt about whether I will even bother.

FWIW i'm now using CVS for everything. Despite the ways it's clearly broken it isn't nearly as broken as subversion (or as bloody slow). I have also used mecurial in the past which is why i definitely wont be using it in the future ;-).