Thursday, 30 April 2015


My shitty scales said i broke through the 80kg floor this morning. It usually wavers a little over a week but the trend has been clear of late so even if it's not stable it's not far off being so.

Once I got to about 81kg I actually started to actually feel lighter, although the belt is the first indicator followed by the mirror. I've got a waist again.

Not sure how much more will go but 10kg from the start of Feb to the end of April is alright and i'm still eating like a chook.

Now if only my foot worked ...


Sankar P said...

It has been a long time since I saw your pictures. Actually a bit surprised to know that you are in 80s zone. I would not have had you in more than 70s :)

NotZed said...

i can't really remember but i was probably low-80s around india, been around that for a long time. by the time i left perth i just hit 78 but that was after 9 months of karate and a lot of cycling and i know i was more than that when i moved there (and a doctor told me to lose some).

but i've been hovering around 90 for the last few years, not much cycling, too much eating, and gave up giving a shit.

a few cm of height and a bit of cycling muscle hides a lot of weight although i guess i was used to how i was because to me i now look 'skinny' but i've still got more to go before actually being so.

79 a couple of days ago so it's still going.