Saturday, 18 November 2017

Midori user style

Well I found a way to make Midori usable for me as a browser-of-text using the user stylesheet thing.

Took some theme and stripped out the crap and came up with this ... it turns all the text readable but leaves most of the rest intact which is an improvement on how firefox rendered it's colour and stye overrides. It just overrode everything which broke a lot of style-sheet driven GUI toolkits amongst other sins.

* {
    color: #000 !important;
    text-shadow: 0 0 0px #000 !important;
    box-shadow: none !important;
    background-color: #777 !important;
    border-color: #000 !important;
    border-top-color: #000 !important;
    border-bottom-color: #000 !important;
    border-left-color: #000 !important;
    border-right-color: #000 !important;

div, body {
    background: transparent !important;

a, a * {
    color: #002255 !important;
    text-decoration: none !important;

a:hover, a:hover *, a:visited:hover, a:visited:hover *, span[onclick]:hover, div[onclick]:hover, [role="link"]:hover, [role="link"]:hover *, [role="button"]:hover *, [role="menuitem"]:hover, [role="menuitem"]:hover *, .link:hover, .link:hover * {
    color: #005522 !important;
    text-decoration: none !important;

a:visited, a:visited * {
    color: #550022 !important;

I don't know if i'll stick with it yet but it's a contender, its built-in javascript blocker looks a lot better than some shitty plugin which will break every ``upgrade'' too. It doesn't seem to run javascript terribly fast, but that's the language's fault for being so shithouse.

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