Friday, 25 June 2010

Cheese & Rosemary Biscuits

I did some midnight baking a couple of days ago, and tried making cheese and rosemary biscuits this time.

It's mostly butter and cheese. It was very greasy. I added more flour than the recipe called for too, although since I used cheddar rather than parmesan it probably had a lot more grease to absorb. It's not that I didn't have parmesan handy, but it was easier grating the cheddar.

I don't think my oven is the correct temperature. The recipe called for 6-8 minutes but after 10 they were still quite not yet done. I cooked them a bit more to brown them up.

Once they cooled down they were quite tasty, the rosemary sharpens the cheese taste quite well. I added some chillies too for a little bite in the after-taste.

They were a little crumbly and fragile so not really a great biscuit, although they do 'melt in your mouth'.

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