Friday, 16 May 2014


Had nothing better to do on my RDO but sit at the pub drinking jugs (translation for americans: rdo=rostered day off, jugs=pitchers). Took the pic with my cheap tablet on the front-facing camera so it's a bit ordinary but the subject matter hardly requires better ...

A very unseasonably warm 25C+ late autumn day, bloody wonderful. Bit of eye candy but I was well occupied reminiscing about happier timers and better company. Many people I knew/know and miss due to trans-state movements, emigration, and other. All the rest were busy today - work, pah.

Everyone moved on but I just got old and fat and grey. Yeah it's the same shirt I wore out in Bangalore but i've been working on the chops (may as well look the part if i'm going to be eccentric). Must be a bit of the Celtic blood showing itself there.


Sankar P said...

Wow. Your hair has changed a lot :-)

NotZed said...

About 2 years ago I suddenly got 10 years older, not sure why that what happened - living with my sister in law and her daughter perhaps. At least they went 6 months ago.